GCSE Art Scheme of Work: The Blue Planet

My GCSE Art students have been working on an art project titled The Blue Planet.

Inspired by issues brought up in the BBC Blue Planet series, the art students have started collecting images, materials and photographs related to the project, and they have mind-mapped their initial ideas. This post shares some of their first drawings in response to the brief.


The art project brief included a range of artists who worked in 2D and 3D to give students a choice in their work. Students selected artists who would inspire their own work and give them ideas for the project.

The full scheme of work for this GCSE art project is available here.

GCSE art scheme of work - under the sea blue planet

Collin Lynch (Essarai Ceramics):

Art GCSE schemes of work textures

Amy Eisenfeld Genser:

Under the sea scheme of learning GCSE art

Tamara Phillips:

More artists are on my Pinterest board!


Moving the GCSE art project on from underwater textures and patterns to something that students could look at physically, meant bringing in ideas about pollution, waste and plastics etc. Since these were issues brought up in The Blue Planet series students could make links between these materials and the topic.

Here are some of the first drawing by students:

GCSE Art Observational Drawing
GCSE Art scheme of work Observational Drawing
GCSE art grade 7 drawings
GCSE Art Observational Pen Drawing example grade 9
Grade 8 GCSE art work example
GCSE Art Observational Painting Grade 9
GCSE Art Observational Drawing scheme of work textures
GCSE art project textures
GCSE art project pollution examples
GCSE artwork project painting examples

Love the work! I think the students have made an excellent start and all taken personal responses to the project so far. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

The full scheme of work for this GCSE art project is available here.

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