Grade 9 GCSE Art Examples

With the messiness of assessment this year and teacher assessed grades happening for the second year in a row, I thought it would be useful to share some Grade 9 Art project examples.

I usually have students work on design sheets so these are photographs of all the design sheets and any final pieces the students made. I was so impressed with their work and with how much effort the students put in! Anyone who teaches (or has done GCSE art) will know it is REALLY difficult to get the top grades and takes a lot of hard work.

GCSE Art Grade 9 Primary Research Examples
Examples of high quality primary research in GCSE art
GCSE Art Grade 9 Primary Research Photograph Examples
Examples of high quality primary research in GCSE art

There are three Grade 9 full project examples on the presentation, including sheets of student’s secondary and primary research and artist research. As I tell my students, the focus should always be on the quality of their work rather than the quantity in order to achieve high grades in art. Although, of course, they need have enough work to meet all of the four assessment objectives (I currently teach for the AQA exam board.)

GCSE Art Grade 9 drawing examples
Examples of Grade 9 observational drawings in GCSE Art
Grade 9 GCSE art drawings
Grade 9 observational drawings in GCSE Art

I have also included all of the student’s observational / working drawings, development work, experimentation, plans and final pieces. I have added close up images of the Grade 9 observational drawing work so you can use the presentation to show your own students if you wish.

Examples of high quality experiments research in GCSE art
Examples of high quality experiments in GCSE art

I have chosen three very different exam projects so you can see a full range of techniques and approaches to the different exam questions. The projects are for the externally set exam by AQA.

Examples of AO3 design ideas for GCSE art final pieces
GCSE Art final piece ideas (I have covered any faces in photographs!)
Examples of AO3 design ideas for GCSE art final pieces

I have added titles to each of the slides in ‘student speak’ so your students can clearly see examples of what each stage of a Grade 9 art project looks like. All of the annotations should be legible too!

Finally, I have included photographs of all of the final pieces completed in the 10 hour exam / controlled assessment. As well as the final pieces, I have included close up images so you can clearly see the details and quality of the work. In total, there are 51 slides with examples of Grade 9 GCSE art projects.

GCSE Art Grade 9 final piece example
Details of a Grade 9 GCSE art final piece
GCSE Art Grade 9 examples
Details of a Grade 9 GCSE art final piece

Since these art projects were for the externally set exam, the marks made up 40% of the total grade. All students achieved a Grade 9, but that is also including the 60% coursework component.

That means that not every single drawing or experiment in the presentation is a grade 9. This is important as students can refine their work by recognising what has not gone well and move forward using only their best work! This is tricky to get across to students but hopefully using this presentation will help. I have used it with my own classes and found it useful.

Details of a Grade 9 GCSE art final piece
Details of a Grade 9 GCSE art final piece
Grade 9 gcse art final piece example
Grade 9 GCSE Art final piece example

If you would like a copy of the Grade 9 Art presentation for free, just leave a comment and I will share it with your email address! Thanks, I hope this is useful 🎨


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16 thoughts on “Grade 9 GCSE Art Examples

  1. Art is essential for expression in my youth I turned to music and writing during my quiet time…To this day art is part of my life…I wish I could paint and draw but I leave that to other artists who are excellent at that…I write and sing dongs and do other silly things on my blog and you tube which is a joy for me…Thank you for sharing your unique blog and enjoy your unique Journey of Eternity as you guide young students through artistic expression…Namaste…Means I bow to the divine in you…

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  2. So nice for your sharing and your teaching materials are always so helpful. It would be great if you can share these GCSE materials with me so that I can show them to my Grade 9students.
    Thank you very much for your help and generosity!!!

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  3. thank you for sharing this and your other ideas and approaches to projects. I teach art in a Special needs school and our children often respond very positively to art and do produce some amazing work. My dilemma is getting them to do the sketchbook work and show the story of their work. They very much like to create pieces of work and then move on to the next. I am targeting our current year 11 and year 10 pupils with tackling this hurdle so they can achieve the higher grades. 5 is great but I can see their work is worth more but lacks the depth ! I am hoping now I have discovered your site this might be a useful addition to the lessons and learning expectations. thank you .

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment and sharing your experience. To be honest, I have the same issues with me own students! I am trying to make each part of the project as exciting as the ‘final piece’. Looking at art instagram pages is useful – Ian Murphy’s is a good example as he shows works in progress. Quick drawing activities like warm ups etc. are great for showing progress, or doing pieces in one material, then another and having students compare the two. I will share these examples with you now 🙂


  4. Brilliant! I was looking for inspiration for my Y11 daughter who is struggling to decide on a medium for her next piece.
    She is highly dedicated, a perfectionist and (I know I’m biased) an amazing artist. She just doesn’t always believe it. I’m not sure how much discussion goes on in her lessons, but some visual images of what others are doing may just reassure her. Thank you!

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