KS3 Art – Cubism Home Learning Project

It sounds bad to say but I’m making this project up as I go along” 😂  as in, it’s not finished yet! I’m creating the home learning Cubism Scheme of Work for my KS3 (Year 9) classes and I am going to add lessons weekly depending on how my students respond to it and how much work they get done each week etc.

If you would like me to share the presentation (what I have so far) just leave a comment below so I can share it with your email.

Home Learning Art Project Cubism

The overall aim of the project is for students to find a Cubist artist and create some research, then understand the features of Cubist work. I want students to be able to engage at home with minimal equipment so the first few lessons will be focused on drawings then eventually (hopefully) adding colour.

For this Cubism project, I am going to be sharing one lesson per week with my students, and updating the presentation slides as I go along – in our school we have 2 hour lessons in Y9 so some of the tasks might seem quite lengthy. If you want to use the presentation feel free to change / alter it so it’s suited to your classes.

I am using Loom to talk over the presentation slides and explain what I want students to do, whilst also posting the task in their online classroom. Here is what I have posted online the first part of the lockdown tasks:

Create at least one research page (on paper or online) about Cubism.
– Add the title: Cubism
– Find one Cubist artist and write 3 facts about them. Add pictures of their work.
– Explain the key features of Cubism (objects overlapping, drawn from different viewpoints and positive / negative colours.)
– Draw a section of their work carefully, including shading (and colour if you have the equipment)

All writing should be in your own words and in full sentences. It can be done online or on paper, just submit a photograph of anything you have done.

Cubist art lockdown art project lessons

For lesson two / week 2 I will ask students to focus on drawing an object from different directions, as described in this slide.

And that’s everything I have so far! I will use work submitted by students over the next few lessons to talk about what they have done well and what can be improved, then ask students to create another drawing / final design. I will probably also record myself doing some demonstrations and insert those into the presentation slides. After that, hopefully they can move onto colour or tonal work.

If you would like this (unfinished) art home learning / Cubism project just leave a comment and I will share the presentation (what I have done so far!) with your email address. Also let me know if you have any questions or ideas about the project.

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10 thoughts on “KS3 Art – Cubism Home Learning Project

  1. Hi
    This looks fab, and love the minimalist equipment approach I think this could work well with my class if you do not mind sharing. Thank you

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