Marcia Baldwin

Marcia Baldwin is a professional fine art painter from America. Baldwin creates large format, vibrantly coloured oil paintings of natural forms such as animals, sea life, wildlife, landscapes and flowers. Marcia Baldwin’s oil paintings emphasise strong, vivid colour schemes and dynamic shapes; she tries to capture the beauty she sees around her in nature.

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Marcia Baldwin - Tropical Abstract flower oil painting
Marcia Baldwin, Tropical Abstract, oil on canvas

Marcia Baldwin is an artist from America who says ‘art has always been a passion of mine’. Baldwin’s oil paintings are inspired by the nature she sees around her. She is famous for her creative use of colour, making her paintings bright, vivid and rich in colour. Marcia Baldwin’s painting style has been described as a mix of realism, impressionism and abstract, meaning her paintings have a clear, life-like subject but they (the subjects) are interpreted in an imaginative, colourful way that isn’t realistic.

Marcia Baldwin’s oil paintings often have a close up or ‘cropped’ subject and the viewer isn’t able to see much background. The subjects are inspired by a range of natural forms, from wildlife to flowers and plants and even water and landscapes. Painting subjects such as flowers from a ‘close-up’ perspective means that Baldwin is able to make the shapes of the petals and leaves very clear. This adds a sense of realism to her paintings – a contrast to the surreal and saturated colours she paints with.

Marcia Baldwin - Iris Serenity Flower Oil paintings
Iris Serenity, oil on canvas

Top facts about artist Marcia Baldwin:

  • Marcia Baldwin is a professional artist based in Louisiana, USA.
  • Baldwin uses oil paints to create her artworks, which are inspired by nature and animals.
  • Before working as an artist full time, Baldwin previously worked as an advertising designer, an art teacher and art consultant.
  • Marcia Baldwin has published a number of books that teach different painting techniques.
  • Baldwin has achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts, as well as a Masters of Fine Arts.
  • Baldwin’s oil paintings can be categorised within Realism, Impressionism, and Abstract art.
  • She has said that art has always been a passion of hers, and she knew from an early age ‘that art was going to be a strong influence in my life’
  • Baldwin has achieved a number of awards and accomplishments for her artwork, including:
    • Illustrator of the Year 1974 Louisiana Tech University, Ruston
    • Louisiana Artist of the Year 1996 Ruston Peach Festival, Ruston

Marcia Baldwin’s oil paintings have a fluid, loose quality thanks to the way the artist allows the oil paint to move around the canvas and blend colours together. Curves, squiggles, curls and sweeping shapes are exaggerated by blending a large range of tones in a small amount of space.

To enhance the vibrancy of the oil paints, Baldwin often uses a complementary colour scheme. Look at the painting below, each petal on the sunflower has a large tonal range; very light yellows, pale oranges, deep yellows, reds, red-oranges etc. In the background, Baldwin has used opposite colours like blue and purple to make the warm tones seem even brighter.

How do you think Marcia Baldwin has used the oil paints to create a sense of movement in her sunflower painting? Why do you think Baldwin has zoomed in so close to the flower? What do you think she is most interested in when painting?

Marcia Baldwin sunflower oil painting

Marcia Baldwin’s oil paintings have a liquid, almost molten aesthetic that show colours moving freely into each other and blending together. This effect creates a light, free-flowing mood and gives her work an abstract quality. The use of a ‘thinner‘ in oil paints gives a more runny consistency, which Baldwin takes full advantage of to blend her bright colours.

Marcia Baldwin Red floral abstract oil painting
Red Floral Abstract, oil on canvas, 2010

Marcia Baldwin celebrates the joy of nature in her oil paintings, using a distinctive painting style with dazzling, intense colours. Look at the painting Indian Feathers below and choose a section to focus on… List the colours you can see and name any colour schemes you can see. Explain why you think we can’t see much of the background in the painting. Explain which parts look realistic and which parts look unrealistic.

Marcia Baldwin oil painting - Indian feathers

How to create paintings like Marcia Baldwin:

Here are the materials I would suggest to use to create paintings like Marcia Baldwin. Oil paints can be difficult to use at first, and quite complicated if you’ve never used them, but keep going! They are beautiful to paint with. You’ll definitely need thin brushes for the details too.

Paintings by Marcia Baldwin inspired by sea life:

Marcia Baldwin oil painting - lion fish - sealife
Marcia Baldwin - lionfish - sea life artwork
Marcia Baldwin - blue crab painting - sea life artwork
Marcia Baldwin - sea shell painting - sea life artwork

Batik paintings by Marcia Baldwin:

Marcia Baldwin - Southern Magnolia Batik Painting - floral artwork
Marcia Baldwin - Dahlia floral abstract - batik painting.

Marcia Baldwin is most famous for her natural forms paintings that celebrate light, colour and nature. Her paintings exude joy and highlight the beauty of the world around us. Through her inventive use of colour theory; her skill in using oil paints and her attention to detail, Baldwin creates artworks that are instantly recognisable yet have a mellifluous, calming and dreamlike feel.

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Marcia Baldwin has shared a number of step-by-step process videos on her YouTube channel, showcasing the different stages of her artworks. Watch the clip below to see how she builds her paintings in layers of colour.

What do you think about Marcia Baldwin’s artwork? How could you describe it? Let me know in the comments!


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