Cult of Pedagogy Podcast

wwii2brecruiting2bposter2b2I have recently started listening to the Cult of Pedagogy podcast and, as a trainee teacher, I have found loads of the information, tips and insights on there really useful.

The Cult of Pedagogy podcast is a great resource for those starting out in teaching, and from some of the conversations and questions on there I’m assuming it is excellent for those who have been teaching for years (though I can’t speak for them, yet!).

How do I have time to listen to this and do the work of a trainee teacher at the same time, I hear you yell. Well, I found time during my drive to school and listen every morning on my way in, and on my way home. I think I’m addicted. The podcasts are short enough in length to have on in the background if you’re marking a set of books etc.

Here’s a link to the Cult of Pedagogy podcast. Do you already listen to the Cult of Pedagogy podcast, or are you going to start? Let me know in the comments!


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