Effective Starters & Plenaries for Art

If you are looking for short entry tasks, mini activities for the start of your art lessons or different challenges to engage students at the start of a lesson, I have created a huge PowerPoint presentation with over 45 engaging starter or plenary activities for your art classes.

Engaging Starters and Plenaries for art

The mini-activities are all art-related questions or thinking points and can be used in KS3 or KS4 art lessons, either as entry tasks, starters, plenaries or exit questions. I have used them to save me time when I need a way to engage a class quickly (and with minimal effort!)

I have found that the art activities are good for generating classroom discussions and students have asked if they can see more at the end of the lessons.

Effective Starters and Plenaries for art

There are over 45 slides which are made up of art questions, challenges, thought prompts, riddles, true or false competitions, thunks and more – all related to art and photography. Some are very general so can be used across any class or topic, and some are more specific and related to different art movements – for example, Pop Art or Graffiti.

Engaging Entry tasks, Starters and Plenaries for art

You can get the Art Starters & Plenaries presentation here.

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