Useful Websites for Art Teachers

Are you looking for websites full of art ideas, lessons or activities? Great news… I am putting together an extensive list of excellent websites that have a full range of materials and resources for teaching and making art.

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Whether you are teaching at home (home-learning our school is calling it) or teaching art from home (like most teachers are at the moment) hopefully this list of websites dedicated to art teaching resources will give you plenty of inspiration for art lessons and activities. The list is designed to cover anyone planning art activities for all ages and abilities, including KS3 and KS4 or GCSE art.

Just FYI, this list of art-making websites isn’t exhaustive or in any order, so if you think I have missed one off that deserves a place – let me know in the comments.



Resources for art teachers - has a wealth of free art lessons (and design tech lessons) as well as a huge amount of information about different art movements such as Surrealism and Pop Art. Their ideas for art projects, schemes of work and lesson plans are all organised into easy-to-use themes with clear, high-quality imagery to use.


Useful art teacher websites - is packed full of useful resources for any art teacher, or anyone who now finds themselves home-learning. If you are looking for inspiration for one off lessons or full schemes of work, this art website has hundreds of professional worksheets, art resources, artist presentations and even full cover lesson plans! Many of the resources are free, just register on the site to get access.



useful websites for teaching art provides art teachers with an abundance of practical art lesson resources based on different art concepts. These are the overarching ideas in art that students will need to develop an understanding of, from mark-making and formal elements to interpreting artworks. Each of these big ideas is titled a ‘Threshold Concept’ on Art Pedagogy – breaking down each idea into simple, easy to understand terms.


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good websites for art teachers useful resources google arts and culture

Google Arts & Culture is a vast series of websites completely dedicated to all aspects of art and cultures surrounding art. Not necessarily filled with lesson plans or schemes of work – this site is more helpful when building resources yourself or researching. The information and images are all high quality, and there are plenty of interesting sections which could lead to some great art lessons (Art Camera / Street View / 360º Videos etc).



useful websites for teaching art resources is a handy website if you need art resources quick. The site collates art resources into a feed, letting your organise them by ‘Newest First’, ‘Highest Rated’ etc. The search is also useful if you need to find something specific like ‘comic strips’, for example. I have found that most resources on this site are aimed towards younger students.


art lesson resources - is (obviously) geared more towards art and photography students than teachers, however it is created by teachers. Student Art Guide has plenty of high quality examples of artwork, from fine art to graphic design. It also has a host of free teaching resources which cover a full range of artistic styles and approaches.



Good resources for art teachers - provides art teachers (including new ‘art teachers’ suddenly working at home!) with plenty of one-off lessons and easy-to-use resources that you can access from anywhere. The resource sheets are comprehensive and really student-friendly! The website also has resources for your art classroom and support for specific exam questions.


useful art teacher websites resources is almost like an online magazine dedicated to helping art teachers and schools work together and make connections. The site has loads of sections, all related to teaching art, that offer different resources and approaches to teaching. You can join the site and make a profile if you wish however, many of the art teaching resources are freely available.


good teaching websites idea for art or the National Society for Education in Art and Design promote the teaching of art and design, working as the only trade union for art and design educators in the UK. Their community is extremely helpful and useful for art teachers (You can use the hashtag #NSEADcreate and I love the NSEAD Facebook page). Their site offers support, advice and teaching resources, helpfully organised into category by age.



art lesson plans - offers art teachers a more contemporary range of resources and ideas. Covering fine art and various photographic techniques, this site also has bundles of help for art students who are taking their exams. You can browse categories such as ‘Paint’ and find lists of artists that students can take inspiration from. The site asks for a donation (any amount) through their PayPal to access most of the resources, however some are available completely free too.


Access Art website websites for art teaching useful is a UK charity that is funded by it’s membership organisation. Their website offers a massive variety of resources, not just for teaching but also for ideas, skills and techniques. For example, you can find pages of art resources dedicated to ‘sketchbooks’. There are a lot of free resources, but since AccessArt is a charity, I would urge you to think about supporting through a membership too.



Artsology art games and teacher resources useful materials has been providings arts games for art students for 18 years. They say that ‘the goal with the arts games is to engage kids with fun games as a way to introduce them to art history…’ – and their website is full of great, simple to use resources that are ideal for lesson starters, plenaries, mini activities, homeworks or cover lessons etc. As well as Art Games, there are a lot of Art Videos and Art Projects available too.

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Could you make a small donation to help cover the cost of keeping this site free? It’s getting more expensive to keep online. Thank you!


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Right, I hope you have found this list useful, whether you are now ‘homeschooling’ art, or a teacher trying to teach online. Please let me know in the comments if you want me to include any other websites!


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  1. Loved your recent article on the GCSE dry point etching task! Your site is a great resource for art teachers and I have referred it on to my art department. I am a high school art teacher – check out my website all about drawing tutorials, watercolour lessons and digital art …

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