Jerry Wilkerson

I was looking for an artist inspired by food and came across Jerry Wilkerson, a modern pointillist artist! I am using this food artist as inspiration to use in my KS4 art project exploring mark making. Although we are working on landscapes, the techniques are still relevant.

It was good to be able to discuss the differences in Wilkerson’s work and a more traditional artist such as Georges Seurat. I love the way Jerry Wilkerson’s food art links to Pop Art and think my art students will really engage with the subject matter and techniques he uses.

Jerry Wilkerson food artist
Jerry Wilkerson Art - Pointillism - inspired by food
Artist Jerry Wilkerson inspired by food
Lollipops art - food artist research

I have shared other great artists inspired by food here – enjoy!

Jerry Wilkerson Art - Pointillism - food art

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4 thoughts on “Jerry Wilkerson

  1. I just discovered this site. I pulled silkscreens for Jerry in the 1970’s and was allowed to keep some proofs of his work I don’t see displayed. In particular the series with hard candies. All unsigned but unmistakably Wilkerson. In fact he bought a carton of 80 lb. card stock from me for his later works.

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