Lita Albuquerque

Artists inspired by landscapes don’t just make drawings or paintings in response to their subject, but also make work that can be described as ‘3D’, ‘installation art’ and ‘land art’. Lita Albuquerque is a landscape artist who works in and with different environments; adding her own sculptures, objects, colours and even people to create new, […]

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KS3 Art Lessons: Pattern Design

I have been teaching pattern design inspired by MC Escher to my Year 8 groups in school. By the end of the project, students were able to understand how to abstract sections of previous drawings and develop them into patterns. They looked at 4 simple pattern repeats: basic, half drop, 90 degree rotation and reflection. […]

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KS3 Art: Poly Printing Scheme of Work – Adinkra Symbols

In these poly-printing technique lessons, my KS3 art pupils looked at African Adinkra Symbols and used them as inspiration to create their own colourful, printed artwork. They researched the Adinkra symbols, drew them out, created their own symbols and finally created their own poly-print artworks. For their initial research into printing techniques, students looked Adinkra […]

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