KS4 Art & Design: Mark Making [Lesson 6]

I have previously posted a series of lessons explaining how students have studied various ways of making marks. This is part of a landscape scheme of work, where students will create a landscape based on their memories.

This was a GCSE art and design scheme of work, and you can find the other lessons for it here.


In this lesson, students reflected on their previous work and tried to create something slightly different. The aim was to produce marks which were calm and soothing, rather than active or vibrant. The students needed to have a range of mark making techniques to choose from before they could start creating their final pieces.

I used this slide on the board to introduce the lesson:

GCSE art mark making lessons

As a starter activity students worked in the back of their sketchbooks without any help from me. They were aiming to repeat fine lines, creating a smooth texture.

We then looked at the artist Jorey Hurley who uses fine lines to create calm, tranquil atmospheres in her work.

Art mark-making lessons
Mark-making scheme of work
GCSE art scheme of work mark making
Mark making examples artwork

Students were asked to make at least 3 responses to the work, using mark making to create calm, smooth or delicate outcomes. Students created one study in pencil, repeating their lines close to each other, another with watercolours (then pencil over the top) and a third using pencil but also adding tones.

GCSE art mark making
GCSE mark making scheme of work

Some students then created an artist research page and a fourth study using charcoal and rubbers to add highlights: DSC_2776.jpgDSC_2774.jpg

I was really pleased with the results, particularly since this was their first attempt. Some students chose to use this sort of technique on their final paintings to great effect! I will update the site again soon with examples of final pieces.

What do you think of the studies? Let me know in the comments.

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